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Intel Vulkan Linux Driver Adds Conditional Rendering, Draw Indirect Count

Phoronix - staro 2 ur 42 min
The Intel "ANV" open-source Vulkan driver for Linux systems has picked up two more extensions ahead of the Mesa 19.0 feature freeze that is coming up before month's end...

Ponovno nepojasnjen padec frekvence evropskega elektroenergetskega omrežja

Slo-Tech - staro 3 ur 35 min
Ponovno nepojasnjen padec frekvence evropskega elektroenergetskega omrežja

Problemi so na kontinentalnem omrežju (UCTE)

Slo-Tech - Slabo leto po lanskem preplahu, ki ga je povzročil padec frekvence evropskega kontinentalnega elektroenergetskega omrežja, za katerega je bil tedaj odgovoren neporavnan odjem na Kosovu, so se v manjši meri ponovile težave s frekvenco. Evropsko združenje sistemskih operaterjev prenosnih omrežij (ENTSO-E) je v izjavi za javnost razkrilo, da je minuli četrtek (10. januarja) frekvenca na kontinentalnem omrežju (ki sega od Portugalske do Turčije) iz nepojasnjenih razlogov padla. Incident še vedno preiskujejo. Več na Slo-Techu.

today's howtos and Mozilla leftovers

tuxmachines.org - staro 6 ur 26 min

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Debian as Universal Operating System and Outreachy Update

tuxmachines.org - staro 6 ur 27 min
  • Understanding Debian: The Universal Operating System

    "And my final test as to whether or not Debian succeeded was: could the founder step away from the project and could the project keep going because that is the only point at which you know that the project has basically taken a life of its own." ~ Ian Murdock

  • Week 5: Resolving the blocker

    This post is about my work on the subscription feature for Debian derivatives - first of the two main issues to be resolved within my internship. And this week’s topic from the organizers is “Think About Your Audience”, especially newcomers to the community and future Outreachy applicants. So I’ll try to write about the feature keeping the most important details but taking into account that the readers might be unfamiliar with some terms and concepts.

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