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Wine 5.0 Released

Slashdot Linux - staro 7 min 25 sec

Teaching Robotics with ROS on Ubuntu at SRU

tuxmachines.org - staro 2 ur 6 min

This week, as part of my work on the Ubuntu Robotics team, I headed up to Slippery Rock University in northwestern PA to meet with Dr. Sam Thangiah and to introduce students to the Robot Operating System (ROS). New semester, lots of new opportunities for learning!

We started with a really simple robot environment. Check out this build! This Raspberry Pi runs an Ubuntu 18.04 image which gives it all the built-in LTS security advantages. It’s mounted on piece of plexiglass with two motors and a motor controller board from the PiHut. We worked through about 75 lines of sample python code which hooked the RPi.GPIO library to control the general purpose I/O pins, and we created an abstract Motor class. This got our two-wheeled robot up and running…running right off the table. Oops.

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Patriot OS Provides Revolutionary Computing Convenience

tuxmachines.org - staro 2 ur 16 min

Peach OSI's Patriot OS is a "peach" of a Linux distro for any user skill level. It is a great choice for Linux newcomers. It is an even better choice for Linux vets who want something a little different.

The only thing about this distro that quickly wore thin for me was the Fireworks sound that plays as the system starts. That is easy to turn off, however. Go to Settings -> Session ->Startup -> Application Autostart. Uncheck the box next to Autostart Patriot System Sounds.

The ample inventory of background images is filled with patriotic scenes. Adding other images is a bit more involved.

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DXVK 1.5.2 Released With Many Game Fixes

Phoronix - staro 2 ur 42 min
Coming a few weeks past DXVK 1.5.1 is now version 1.5.2 and it brings with it quite a number of improvements...

Weston 8.0 Released With DRM HDCP Support, EGL Partial Updates, Headless OpenGL

Phoronix - staro 3 ur 20 min
Weston 8.0 was released today as the newest version of this reference Wayland compositor...
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