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Fedora 31 Released

Slashdot Linux - staro 8 min 41 sec

Games: Woven, 'Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II' and More

tuxmachines.org - staro 24 min 18 sec
  • Woolen adventure game Woven is out today, some thoughts on my adventure

    A world stitched together with a clumsy stuffed animal for a protagonist, a flying mechanical bug companion and a softly spoken rhyming narrator, the adventure game Woven certainly has a lot of initial charm and it's out now.

    The developers said it's like "platform, point-and-click and action-adventure games without being exactly like any of them". To me though, it felt a lot simpler than that, more like a walking sim with basic puzzle elements.

  • Amusing action game Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II adds AI bot support

    The biggest problem for a lot of multiplayer games, even when they're free is pulling in players. To help with that, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II now supports playing with AI bots.

    In the latest update released this month, it adds in bot support for when playing both offline and online. Now servers can fill up with bots and be replaced by players so you're not waiting around for anyone to join. There's also new achievements to do with the bots too, based on how many bot kills you get and one for if a bot manages to dominate you in the game.

  • This War of Mine turned 5, so 11 bit studios gave it a big free Final Cut update

    11 bit studios are celebrating their dark and depressing survival game This War of Mine turning five years old, so they've given everyone a huge free Final Cut update.

    Adding in all the maps from the Stories DLC packs into the main game making each run now have more possibilities, new quests and events for those added locations, a new classic scenario, a new character, remastered versions of the original locations along with various visual improvements, UI improvements and an opt-in Beta on Steam to play the original "Vanilla" game without all this and more.

  • Enjoy our daily news and updates? We would appreciate your support

    For a long time now GamingOnLinux has been providing daily (and often on Weekends too) Linux gaming news, tips, reviews, interviews and more.

    A few months ago, we passed the ten year mark! We would very much like to be here for another ten years and more, with your support that will be possible. A call for donations and support isn't something we do directly often either, as we prefer to spend our time chatting with developers and getting news out for you to read. Thanks to all the existing support, we have no need to have any adverts keeping your browsing experience nice and clean.

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Graphics: Intel, D9VK, NVIDIA

tuxmachines.org - staro 27 min 6 sec

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Android-x86 9.0 Nearing Release - RC1 Brings Experimental Vulkan, Text-Based Installer

Phoronix - staro 1 ura 32 min
While Android 10 is the latest release of Google's mobile operating system, the downstream Android-x86 has been on the Android 8 "Oreo" series for stable while now the first release candidate of Android-x86 9.0 is available for testing...

Linux 5.5 To Finally Kill The Async Block Cipher API In Favor Of SKCIPHER

Phoronix - staro 1 ura 56 min
The crypto code within the Linux kernel for the upcoming 5.5 cycle finishes converting the drivers to making full use of the four-year-old SKCIPHER interface so that the old ABLKCIPHER code can be removed...

Security updates for Friday

LWN.net - staro 3 ur
Security updates have been issued by CentOS (kernel), Debian (ghostscript, mesa, and postgresql-common), Fedora (chromium, php-robrichards-xmlseclibs, php-robrichards-xmlseclibs3, samba, scap-security-guide, and wpa_supplicant), Mageia (cpio, fribidi, libapreq2, python-numpy, webkit2, and zeromq), openSUSE (ImageMagick, kernel, libtomcrypt, qemu, ucode-intel, and xen), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (ghostscript, kernel, and kernel-rt), Scientific Linux (ghostscript and kernel), SUSE (bash, enigmail, ghostscript, ImageMagick, kernel, libjpeg-turbo, openconnect, and squid), and Ubuntu (ghostscript, imagemagick, and postgresql-common).
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