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[$] Adding a JIT compiler to CPython

LWN.net - staro 53 min 51 sec
One of the big-ticket items for the upcoming Python 3.13 release is an experimental just-in-time (JIT) compiler for the language; the other is, of course, the removal of the global interpreter lock (GIL), which is also an experiment. Brandt Bucher is a member of the Faster CPython project, which is working on making the reference implementation of the language faster via a variety of techniques. Last year at PyCon, he gave a talk about the specializing adaptive interpreter; at PyCon 2024 in Pittsburgh, he described the work he and others have been doing to add a copy-and-patch JIT compiler to CPython.

Fedora 41 To Replace Power-Profiles-Daemon With "Tuned"

Phoronix - staro 1 ura 32 min
The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee has approved of Fedora 41 switching from power-profiles-daemon to "Tuned" as the default power profile management daemon on Fedora Workstation as well as the KDE Plasma and Budgie desktop spins...

HPLIP 3.24.4 Released with Debian 12 & New Printers Support

tuxmachines.org - staro 2 ur 17 min
HPLIP, the free open-source HP developed GNU/Linux driver for HP inkjet and laser based printers, released version 3.24.4 today!

postmarketOS 24.06 Linux Mobile OS Brings KDE Plasma 6, GNOME Mobile 46

tuxmachines.org - staro 2 ur 22 min
The postmarketOS devs released today postmarketOS 24.06 as the latest stable version of this Alpine Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and computers.

IceWM 3.6 Released with New Features and Fixes

tuxmachines.org - staro 2 ur 24 min
Maximize windows by double-clicking borders and enjoy enhanced character support in the address bar

Framework Laptop 13 To See A RISC-V Motherboard Option

Phoronix - staro 3 ur 8 min
Framework Computer Inc announced today that they have been working with DeepComputing on a partner-developed RISC-V motherboard for the Framework Laptop 13...

KDE Plasma 6.1 Released With Easier Remote Desktop Support, Wayland Explicit Sync

Phoronix - staro 3 ur 25 min
Right on schedule today KDE released Plasma 6.1 as the first feature update to the Plasma 6 desktop stack that debuted back in February...

More Companies Now Backing Valkey As Leading Redis Fork

Phoronix - staro 3 ur 32 min
Announced back in March by the Linux Foundation was Valkey as a Redis fork following upstream licensing changes. In the few months since the Valkey in-memory NoSQL data store has put out its first release and has continued attracting more interest from Linux/open-source communities. Today the Linux Foundation announced another handful of organizations now throwing their weight behind Valkey...

SUSE Wants a Piece of the AI Cake, Too

Slashdot Linux - staro 4 ur 6 min
SUSE, a Luxembourg-based open-source company, is launching a new vendor- and LLM-agnostic generative AI platform called SUSE AI solutions. The company aims to leverage the potential of AI to gain a stronger foothold in the U.S. market, where it has struggled to establish brand recognition compared to competitors like Red Hat and Canonical. SUSE CEO Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen believes that the open-source model provides infinite potential for enterprise customers, offering support, security, and long-term stability. The company's recent fork of CentOS has attracted a significant number of users, and its portfolio, including Kubernetes service Rancher and security service Neuvector, positions SUSE well in a market where enterprises are looking to consolidate platforms. Despite ownership changes over the years, SUSE remains committed to expanding its presence in the U.S. market.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

[$] BPF tracing performance

LWN.net - staro 4 ur 13 min

On the final day of the 2024 Linux Storage, Filesystem, Memory Management, and BPF Summit, the BPF track opened with a series of sessions on improving the performance and flexibility of probes and other performance-monitoring tools, in the kernel and in user space. Jiri Olsa led two sessions about different aspects of probes: making the API for BPF programs attached to a probe more flexible, and making user-space probes more efficient.

Plasma 6.1 released

LWN.net - staro 4 ur 42 min
Version 6.1 of the Plasma desktop environment has been released.

Plasma 6 hits its stride with version 6.1. While Plasma 6.0 was all about getting the migration to the underlying Qt 6 frameworks correct (and what a massive job that was), 6.1 is where developers start implementing the features that will take you desktop to a new level.

Enhancements include better remote-desktop support, improved customization, persistent apps, smoother animation under Wayland, and more; see the changelog for the full list.

Security updates for Tuesday

LWN.net - staro 5 ur 5 min
Security updates have been issued by Debian (php7.3), Fedora (galera, ghostscript, and mariadb), Mageia (cups, iperf, and libndp), Oracle (firefox and flatpak), Red Hat (container-tools:rhel8, Firefox, firefox, and flatpak), SUSE (booth, bouncycastle, firefox, ghostscript, less, libaom, openssl-1_1, openssl-3, podman, python-Authlib, python-requests, python-Werkzeug, webkit2gtk3, and xdg-desktop-portal), and Ubuntu (ghostscript, ruby-rack, ruby2.7, ruby3.0, ruby3.1, ruby3.2, and sssd).

PoCL 6.0 OpenCL Implementation Brings OpenMP For CPU Driver, More Remote Driver Features

Phoronix - staro 5 ur 20 min
The Portable Computing Language "PoCL" that started off as a CPU-based OpenCL implementation has grown to support multiple hardware targets from NVIDIA PTX to Intel Level Zero to AMD ROCm and other innovations like a recent remote driver for transparent OpenCL across networked systems. PoCL 6.0 was released today for delivering the latest enhancements to this independent OpenCL compute implementation and continuing to enhance support for its different hardware targets...

Marek Olšák Lands Support In Mesa 24.2 To Vectorize IO In The GLSL Linker

Phoronix - staro 5 ur 45 min
Well known AMD Mesa developer Marek Olšák has shown no signs of hitting the end of the road for optimizing OpenGL support within the Mesa/Gallium3D driver stack. More than one decade since joining AMD and more than a decade and a half of being involved with Mesa since beginning as a student developer, Marek still isn't slowing down with his performance optimizations and new features to benefit the open-source Radeon Linux graphics drivers...

KDE Plasma 6.1 Desktop Environment Officially Released, Here’s What’s New

tuxmachines.org - staro 6 ur 37 min
The KDE Project announced today the general availability of KDE Plasma 6.1 as the latest version of their acclaimed desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

New Linux Patches To Help Ensure Intel Xeon Servers Can Achieve Highest Frequencies

Phoronix - staro 7 ur 4 min
A set of patches for the Linux kernel's Intel P-State driver aim to ensure Intel Xeon servers can hit their highest clock frequencies following changes in the server's performance profile. It turns out some special handling is needed to update the highest frequencies of a CPU after boot to ensure the performance profile is properly reflected...

Tails 6.4 Anonymous OS Introduces Random Seed to Strengthen All Cryptography

tuxmachines.org - staro 7 ur 12 min
Tails 6.4 amnesic incognito live system has been released today as the latest stable version of this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution that protects against surveillance and censorship.

Fedora 41 Hopes The GIMP 3.0 Photoshop Alternative Will Be Ready To Shine

Phoronix - staro 7 ur 24 min
Fedora developers are hoping that the long-awaited GIMP 3.0 will ship before October and be all ready for serving as the default GIMP package with the in-development Fedora 41...

Patches For AMD GPUs On Loongson Point To "Massive Platform Bug" For These Chinese CPUs

Phoronix - staro 7 ur 38 min
A set of patches were posted on Monday in aiming to get aging AMD Radeon GFX7/GFX8 era graphics processors working on Loongson LoongArch platforms. These patches for handling old Radeon Hawaii~Polaris GPUs on Loongson point to a "massive platform bug" with these domestic Chinese systems...

Android Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - staro 8 ur 5 min
Google Assistant's new and improved UI spreads to Android Automotive
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