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Mir's EGMDE "Edge" Now Has Experimental X11 Support, Static Display Configuration

Phoronix - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 10:08
Ubuntu's Mir display server that has been chasing Wayland support and earlier this year introduced EGMDE as the example Mir desktop environment has picked up some extra functionality on its "edge" channel...

Intel's 13 Patches For SGX Linux Support See Their 13th Revision

Phoronix - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 09:58
One of the features sadly not making it into the in-development Linux 4.19 kernel is the support for Intel's SGX -- the Software Guard Extensions...

ONVIFViewer – Open Source Internet Camera Viewer for Linux

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 09:57

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a protocol established by Bosch, Sony and other partner to standardize the network cameras and its interfaces. All the softwares available today to access internet cameras, security cameras are proprietary and nothing was available for Linux systems.

ONVIFViewer is being developed to bridge the gap with the help of Qt5 and Kirigami UI framework. As part of this project, new C++ libraries are being developed from scratch to communicate with IP cameras. These libraries can be later converted to independent modules for re-usability.

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GPUOpen's Vulkan Memory Allocator 2.1 Being Prepped With Many Additions

Phoronix - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 09:46
AMD's GPUOpen group has released their first beta of the Vulkan Memory Allocator 2.1 release after "many months of development" and as such comes with many new features...

Open-source licensing war: Commons Clause

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 06:38

Most people wouldn't know an open-source license from their driver's license. For those who work with open-source software, it's a different story. Open-source license fights can be vicious, cost serious coin, and determine the fate of multi-million dollar companies. So, when Redis Labs added a new license clause, Commons Clause, on top of Redis, an open-source, BSD licensed, in-memory data structure store, all hell broke loose.

Why? First, you need to understand that while you may never have heard of Redis, it's a big deal. It enables real-time applications such as advertising, gaming financial services, and IoT to work at speed. That's because it can deliver sub-millisecond response times to millions of requests per second.

But Redis Labs has been unsuccessful in monetizing Redis, or at least not as successful as they'd like. Their executives were discovering, like the far more well-known Docker, that having a great open-source technology did not mean you'd be making millions. Redis' solution was to embrace Commons Clause.

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Liberty Activists Migrating from Twitter to Censorship-Proof “Mastodon” Decentralized Platform

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 05:48

There has been a lot of controversy recently over social media websites like Twitter swinging their ban hammer on personalities with opinions they don’t like. As a libertarian, I believe in property rights and so Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the like should certainly be free to ban people for whatever reason they want. I also believe in the free market’s potential reactions to bad decisions by business owners, which include boycott and competition.

Thankfully, the competition has arrived! Mastodon is a decentralized social media replacement for Twitter and it does an excellent job. I recently joined the “Liberdon” server intended for libertarians and voluntarists. Not only is Mastodon decentralized, in that anyone who wants to can run a server, but it’s also “federated”. Federated means your server can be connected to all the other Mastodon servers, that is so long as the other servers want to be connected to you. Each server sets its own rules for which other servers they’ll federate with. So if the NAZIs or Communists start a server, no one has to link up to them – the market decides instead of a centralized corporation like Twitter. However, even if no other servers federate with, say Chris Cantwell‘s server (I don’t think he has one – just as an example), he can still run his server and hate-filled bigots and racists can join it and talk to each other. Of course, each server can be controlled and its policy set by its administrator, so intra-server censorship is still possible (most servers prohibit spam, for instance), but given you are free to start your own server and set your own policy, you can’t be censored if you start your own platform.

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Ubuntu, UBports and Lubuntu

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 05:42
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 542

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 542 for the week of August 19 – 25, 2018. The full version of this issue is available here.

  • UBports releases Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, the biggest update yet

    When Canonical ceased development of Ubuntu Touch for smartphones and tablets last year, an independent group of developers formed the UBports project to continue supporting and updating the Linux-based smartphone operating system.

    Now the team has released Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, a major update that fixes bugs, updates software packages, adds new features and performance enhancements, and updates the base of the operating system from Ubuntu 15.04 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

  • Lubuntu Development Newsletter #10

    This is the tenth issue of The Lubuntu Development Newsletter. You can read the last issue here.

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Red Hat Business News

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 04:38

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The Latest FOSS FUD

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 04:19
  • No lasers or Linux hacks, but Better Call Saul remains one of TV’s techiest shows [Ed: Conde Nast throws terms like "Linux hacks" into headlines that have nothing to do with Linux. Knowing that many people associate "hacks" with malice...]
  • Open Source Components Save Time but Need to be Closely Monitored [Ed: Proprietary software also needs to be closely monitored, but I understand that some rather parasitic firms -- some connected closely to Microsoft -- create a stigma to sell their blobs. Zev Brodsky from WhiteSource, which works with Microsoft, is attacking FOSS here, as usual.]
  • Opening Doors to Collaboration with Open Source Projects [Ed: Here we have the Linux Foundation once again propping up Microsoft; this is the company currently investigated by DoJ for corruption and bribery. If the Linux Foundation was a wild animal, it would not survive very long. It’s putting its head inside the lion’s mouth, expecting the lion to lick it instead of biting it. Or maybe the Linux Foundation no longer pursues the success of Linux but instead just wants to get as much money and influence as possible...]

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Google releases open source reinforcement learning framework for training AI models

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 04:17

Reinforcement learning — an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that uses rewards (or punishments) to drive agents in the direction of specific goals — trained the systems that defeated Alpha Go world champions and mastered Valve’s Dota 2. And it’s a core part of Google subsidiary DeepMind’s deep Q-network (DQN), which can distribute learning across multiple workers in the pursuit of, for example, achieving “superhuman” performance in Atari 2600 games. The trouble is, reinforcement learning frameworks take time to master a goal, tend to be inflexible, and aren’t always stable.

That’s why Google is proposing an alternative: an open source reinforcement framework based on TensorFlow, its machine learning library. It’s available from Github starting today.

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Games: Civilization VI and Steam Play

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 04:15
  • The Linux Civilization VI patch with cross-platform multiplayer hit a bug, going back to approvals this week

    It seems Aspyr Media hit a small roadblock when trying to get the latest Civilization VI patch out for Linux, the one to finally give cross-platform online support.

  • Steam Play – Let the games begin

    Linux gaming news are always a good thing. An exciting and important thing. The more legitimacy, popularity and quality the Linux world gets, the higher the chances of the Linux operating system, desktop in particular, making it big with the crowds. Even for myself, one of the primary reasons for using Windows is the ability to play various games.

    Now, there’s a brand new and rather ambitious attempt by Steam to take the Linux gaming scene up a few notches. Several years ago, Steam really made the huge difference by creating an official version of their client software for Linux, and since there’s been a healthy influx of new titles to the Steam platform, all capable of running natively on the penguin-powered systems. This is still a drop in the sea compared to what Windows has to offer, and so there’s a new effort now. Improved Steam Play for Linux that can run Windows games through a compatibility layer.

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Is the Linux 4.18 kernel heading your way?

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 04:13

In case this URL isn't familiar, www.kernel.org is the web site of the organization that distributes the Linux kernel and other Open Source software to the public without charge. The site provides kernel archives where anyone can download source. And, yes, even you, can go and download source code for Linux.

The latest stable version is currently 4.18.5. The kernel.org site provides extensive and easily navigated directories that can shed as much light on the Linux kernel as you might care to absorb. That includes the ability to view individual files that represent portions of the code base or download past or current releases.

If you go to www.kernel.org, you will see options for downloading kernel tarballs, viewing the verification signatures for the tarballs, and investigating patches. If you have never considered the amount of code that comprises the Linux kernel or imagined how accessible it is, visiting the site and spending a little time wandering around might prove to be quite an exciting experience. Try drilling down to a single script as in this example picked at random and you'll see how easy it is to probe into code that makes up the core of Linux.

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Kodi v18 Leia - Beta 1

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 03:47
  • Kodi v18 Leia - Beta 1

    We hereby present you the first Beta build of Kodi v18 as we are heading towards the final release. Since we are now in Beta stage our focus will be on solving bugs and possible usability problems. So far it has been proven to be quite solid to use as a daily driver for those who were brave enough to try it out. Of course you should still keep in mind it's not a final release yet and that on any upgrade a small glitch could happen as we are still doing rework. Once you decide to give it a try it is highly recommended that you create a backup first.

  • Kodi 18 Enters Beta With Better Stability Plus Usability Enhancements

    After being in alpha since March, today the first beta of the upcoming Kodi 18 "Leia" release is now available for your open-source HTPC needs.

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Telegram updates desktop app with chat export, night theme

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 03:45

Telegram 1.3.13 on desktop gains a new night time theme, options to set notification exceptions, and the long-sought ability to export chat history.

The Telegram Passport feature, an identity broker service, is made more secure in this release thanks to “improved password hashing algorithm” to protect Telegram Passport data.

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GPL Violations Cost Creality a US Distributor

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 03:42

One of the core tenets of free and open source software licenses is that you’re being provided source code for a project with the hope that you’ll “pay it forward” if and when you utilize that code. In fact some licenses, such as the GNU Public License (GPL), require that you keep the source code for subsequent spin-offs or forks open. These are known as viral licenses, and the hope is that they will help spread the use of open source as derivative works can’t turn around and refuse to release their source code.

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Mozilla: Cathy Davidson, SUMO Days Firefox 62, SETA, Venmo and Taskcluster

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 03:26
  • Thank You, Cathy Davidson

    Cathy Davidson joined the Mozilla Foundation board in 2012, and has been a force helping us broaden our horizons and enter new areas. Cathy was the first person to join the Foundation board without a multi-year history with browsers or open source. This was an act of bravery!

  • SUMO Days Firefox 62: you are invited!

    On these days, Support contributors will be online answering questions live and hanging out. If you do not see anyone active online, please contact Rachel (username: guigs) or another Administrator or Operator in the #sumo IRC channel listed in the wiki.

    There is also the two Telegram channels that are active for assignments of tweets and collaboration. You may need an account to participate, so just send a message to social Telegram group – there are guidelines on how to set up Tweetdeck for social if you would like your own workspace, or you can message guigs to add your trello account to the trello board with delegated tweets for the day.

  • Experiment: Adjusting SETA to run individual files instead of individual jobs

    I did an experiment in June (was PTO and busy on migrating a lot of tests in July/August) where I did some queries on the treeherder database to find the actual test cases that caused the failures instead of only the job names. I came up with a list of 171 tests that we needed to run and these ran in 6 jobs in the tree using 147 minutes of CPU time.

  • Dear Venmo: Update Your Privacy Settings

    Last month, privacy researcher and Mozilla Fellow Hang Do Thi Duc released Public By Default, a sobering look at the vast amount of personal data that’s easily accessible on Venmo, the mobile payment app.

    By using Venmo’s public API and its “public by default” setting for user transactions, Hang was able to watch a couple feud on Valentine’s Day, observe a woman’s junk food habits, and peer into a marijuana dealer’s business operations. Seven million people use Venmo every month — and many may not know that their transactions are available for anyone to see.

    Privacy, and not publicity, should be the default.

    Despite widespread coverage of Hang’s work — and a petition by Mozilla that has garnered more than 17,000 signatures — Venmo transactions are still public by default.

  • Taskcluster Credential Derivation in EC2 using S/MIME, OpenSSL's C api and Node.js's N-API

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Security: Fortnite Installer Vulnerabilities, Command Injection Vulnerability, Debian Reproducible Builds and Fedora's Latest Move

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 03:24
  • Fortnite Installer Vulnerabilities Highlight Mobile App Store Risks

    There are many good reasons why it's often best for organizations looking to deploy or consume Android applications to use the Google Play mobile apps store.

    The discovery of a high-profile flaw in one of the world's most popular games highlights why you should stick to apps in Google Play. Epic Games' Fortnite is played by millions of players around the world on different platforms, including Android. Fortnite, however, isn't available on the Google Play store for Android; rather, Epic Games decided to bypass Google and use a third-party store to deliver its game. That fact, however, didn't stop Google from discovering a serious vulnerability that was publicly disclosed on Aug. 25.

  • Command Injection Vulnerability found in WordPress Plainview Activity Monitor v20161228 and Prior

    A command injection vulnerability has been found in the renowned personal blogging and website creation management platform: WordPress. The vulnerability is found to exist in the Plainview Activity Monitor WordPress Plugin component, and it has been assigned a CVE identifier of CVE-2018-15877.

  • Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #174
  • Fedora Moves Ahead With Plans To Drop Packages Having Bad Security Practices

    The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has signed off on plans to drop packages with consistently bad security records.

    This is aimed at removing packages from the Fedora package archive that have known security issues against them and not addressed in timely manners.

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Fresh NVIDIA vs. AMD Radeon OpenCL GPU Benchmarks For August 2018

tuxmachines.org - Tor, 08/28/2018 - 03:13

It has been a while since last delivering some OpenCL GPU compute benchmarks across several different graphics cards on the latest Linux drivers, so here is a fresh look.

Tests were done using the the NVIDIA 396.54 Linux driver with the GeForce GTX 1070 / 1070 Ti / 1080 / 1080 Ti graphics cards. On the AMD side was the newest AMDGPU-PRO 18.30 driver release with testing a Radeon RX Vega 56 and RX Vega 64.

Also: NVIDIA 390.87 Linux Driver Backports That Important Performance Fix

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