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12 New Linux Distros That Launched in 2022

tuxmachines.org - Ned, 03/26/2023 - 05:11
Here are some distros that were released in 2022

Fedora and Red Hat Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Ned, 03/26/2023 - 05:10
5 new items

Google Security Researchers Accuse CentOS of Failing to Backport Kernel Fixes

Slashdot Linux - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 22:36
An anonymous reader quotes Neowin: Google Project Zero is a security team responsible for discovering security flaws in Google's own products as well as software developed by other vendors. Following discovery, the issues are privately reported to vendors and they are given 90 days to fix the reported problems before they are disclosed publicly.... Now, the security team has reported several flaws in CentOS' kernel. As detailed in the technical document here, Google Project Zero's security researcher Jann Horn learned that kernel fixes made to stable trees are not backported to many enterprise versions of Linux. To validate this hypothesis, Horn compared the CentOS Stream 9 kernel to the stable linux-5.15.y stable tree.... As expected, it turned out that several kernel fixes have not been made deployed in older, but supported versions of CentOS Stream/RHEL. Horn further noted that for this case, Project Zero is giving a 90-day deadline to release a fix, but in the future, it may allot even stricter deadlines for missing backports.... Red Hat accepted all three bugs reported by Horn and assigned them CVE numbers. However, the company failed to fix these issues in the allotted 90-day timeline, and as such, these vulnerabilities are being made public by Google Project Zero. Horn is urging better patch scheduling so "an attacker who wants to quickly find a nice memory corruption bug in CentOS/RHEL can't just find such bugs in the delta between upstream stable and your kernel."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

100 Essential and Must-Have GUI Linux Applications

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 21:37
There is a staggering amount of proven open source software available to download

GNU/Linux Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 21:00
3 leftover links

DoomLinux: the Distro That Loads Only Enough Software to Play DOOM

Slashdot Linux - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 20:34
Hackaday recently shared some thoughts on "purpose-built" distros: Some examples are Kali for security testing, DragonOS for software-defined radio, or Hannah Montana Linux for certain music fans. Anyone can roll their own Linux distribution with the right tools, including [Shadly], who recently created one which only loads enough software to launch the 1993 classic DOOM.... It loads the Linux kernel and the standard utilities via BusyBox, then runs fbDOOM, which is a port of the game specifically designed to run on the Linux framebuffer with minimal dependencies. Their report includes video of the distro booting up and playing Doom. "The entire distribution is placed into a bootable ISO file that can be placed on any bootable drive."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

FreeBSD 13.2-RC4 Released With Fixed Suspend/Resume For Some Laptops

Phoronix - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 18:36
FreeBSD 13.2-RC4 is now available with a few more fixes for this BSD operating system update. A FreeBSD 13.2-RC5 release is also inbound as an extra release candidate with one more bug fix, after which the stable release should happen...

Security Leftovers and CISA Invaded by Microsoft

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 18:02
half a dozen more stories

GCC, EFI Boot Manager Update in Tumbleweed (UPDATED)

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 17:50
Rolling-release distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed had a large number of security patches, bug fixes, and new features in snapshots released this week

Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS Released to Re-Enable Support for Secure Boot Systems

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 17:34
Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu, announced today the release of Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS as a refreshed installer media for Desktop and Server flavors that adds support for modern hardware and the latest security fixes.

Android Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 17:30
5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week

today's howtos

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 17:24
many more howtos

Sniffnet: Application to Comfortably Monitor your Network Traffic

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 17:02
Sniffnet is a great tool to use if you want to easily keep an eye on network traffic.

Portainer, MicroK8s, and Kubernetes

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 16:06
Container news

today's howtos

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 15:57
many howtos for the afternoon

Proprietary Risks and Vendor Lock-in

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 15:39
Microsoft and more

Programming Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 03/25/2023 - 14:24
Some coding-related links
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