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dysk | The Stupendous Filesystem Listing Utility

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 23:54
dysk a must-have for GNU/Linux users

PostgreSQL: Greenmask v0.1.7 and pgtt v3.2

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 23:53
2 new releases

Code Exploits

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 22:52
The factory bosses had journalists beaten up and, with the help of BigTech and mainstream media played the Western press with apologetic, disinformation and fake stories of happy workers

Saturday's stable kernel updates

LWN.net - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 22:30
The 6.8.6, 6.6.27, 6.1.86, 5.15.155, 5.10.215, 5.4.274, and 4.19.312 stable kernel updates have all been released; each contains a relatively large number of important fixes.

New Spectre V2 Attack Impacts Linux Systems On Intel CPUs

Slashdot Linux - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 21:34
An anonymous reader shared this report from BleepingComputer: Researchers have demonstrated the "first native Spectre v2 exploit" for a new speculative execution side-channel flaw that impacts Linux systems running on many modern Intel processors. Spectre V2 is a new variant of the original Spectre attack discovered by a team of researchers at the VUSec group from VU Amsterdam. The researchers also released a tool that uses symbolic execution to identify exploitable code segments within the Linux kernel to help with mitigation. The new finding underscores the challenges in balancing performance optimization with security, which makes addressing fundamental CPU flaws complicated even six years after the discovery of the original Spectre.... As the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) disclosed yesterday, the new flaw, tracked as CVE-2024-2201, allows unauthenticated attackers to read arbitrary memory data by leveraging speculative execution, bypassing present security mechanisms designed to isolate privilege levels. "An unauthenticated attacker can exploit this vulnerability to leak privileged memory from the CPU by speculatively jumping to a chosen gadget," reads the CERT/CC announcement. "Current research shows that existing mitigation techniques of disabling privileged eBPF and enabling (Fine)IBT are insufficient in stopping BHI exploitation against the kernel/hypervisor." "For a complete list of impacted Intel processors to the various speculative execution side-channel flaws, check this page updated by the vendor."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 17:07
KEcoLab, a tool for measuring software energy consumption, needs robust testing to ensure its functionality after every code change

Debian Package Tracker: Accepted apt 2.9.0 (source) into unstable

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 16:38
Introduce the new terse apt output format 3.0

Linux 6.10 To Account For NUMA Node When Allocating Per-CPU Cpumasks

Phoronix - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 14:30
In addition to a SLUB optimization for extreme scenarios, faster AES-XTS disk/file encryption for modern Intel/AMD CPUs, and other performance optimizations on the way for Linux 6.10, another minor one was queued up this week...

FFmpeg 7.0 "Dijkstra": Best New Features

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 14:08
The new FFmpeg 7.0 major release brings parallel processing, MPEG-5 EVC support and more.

Kodi 21.0 “Omega”: A Must-Have Update for Everyone

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 13:56
Kodi 21.0, the major update which you can’t afford to miss!

Mesa 24.1 Zink Lands "Super Fast" Merge Request To Optimize IO

Phoronix - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 11:46
Mike Blumenkrantz with Valve's open-source Linux graphics driver team has merged a big optimization / bug fixing effort he's recently been tackling for the Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan driver...

Fedora 41 Looks To "-O3" Optimizations For Its Python Build

Phoronix - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 11:27
A change proposal has been filed for building the CPython interpreter and the Python standard library using the "-O3" compiler optimization flag rather than Fedora's imposed default of the "-O2" optimization level. This is being sought in the name of greater Python performance on Fedora 41...

KDE's Busy Week With Landing Explicit Sync & Many Other Changes

Phoronix - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 11:13
KDE developers had a very busy week with a lot of new feature work continuing to land for Plasma 6.1 plus continuing to address bugs and other fallout from the recent Plasma 6 introduction...

Amazon mora plačati 525 milijonov dolarjev

Slo-Tech - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 11:10
Amazon mora plačati 525 milijonov dolarjev Slo-Tech - Zvezno sodišče v Illinoisu je v sredo odločilo, da mora Amazon plačati 525 milijonov odškodnine zaradi kršitve treh patentov podjetja Kove. V civilnem postopku, ki se je začel leta 2018, je porota ugotovila, da je Amazon kršil patente, ki pokrivajo "shranjevanje in priklic ogromnih količin podatkov". Amazon jih je kršil v storitvah AWS Amazon S3, DynamoDB in podobno. Amazon se z odločitvijo ne strinja in je že napovedal pritožbo. Več na Slo-Techu.

Intel upokojuje serijo K 13. generacije Raptor Lake

Slo-Tech - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 11:10
Intel upokojuje serijo K 13. generacije Raptor Lake Slo-Tech - Intel je sporočil, da bodo 24. maja letos prenehali prodajati procesorje iz serije K iz 13. generacije (Raptor Lake). Konec prodaje pomeni, da bodo prenehali sprejemati naročila, nato pa bodo 28. junija odpremili še zadnje pošiljke. Odtlej teh procesorjev ne bo možno več kupiti od proizvajalca. V praksi to pomeni, da jih bo še vedno možno dobiti, a bo zaloge čedalje manj, kar lahko vodi tudi v povišanje cen. Več na Slo-Techu.

Milijoni esejev so že napisani s ChatGPT

Slo-Tech - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 11:10
Milijoni esejev so že napisani s ChatGPT Slo-Tech - Proizvajalec orodja Turnitin, ki se uporablja za preverjanja avtentičnosti in izvirnosti pisnih del, torej za iskanje plagiatov, že leto dni ponuja tudi prepoznavanje z umetno inteligenco napisanih del. V tem času so pregledali 200 milijonov izdelkov in ugotovili, da jih ima kar desetina vsaj 20 odstotkov vsebine, ki je prepisana od umetne inteligence. Tri odstotke pa jih je v celoto - več kot 80-odstotno - napisala umetna inteligenca. Več na Slo-Techu.

today's leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 10:54
mostly FOSS stories

Windows TCO Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 10:50
2 new examples

Android Leftovers

tuxmachines.org - Sob, 04/13/2024 - 10:46
5 Unexpected Devices That Run Android
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