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Today, in time of globalization, it's very important to speaking and reading in your mother language. Also on computer! People from Bulgarian (thanks to: Angel Angelov)  English, French (thanks to: Adrien Futschi), German, Italian (thanks to: Arnaud Yviquel), Polish (thanks to: Ines Zgonc), Slovene and Spanish (thanks to: Diego Agulló Falcó) language areas have a luck, that actual version of program is translated. You can write new translations (see manuals here).

So how to install localized version of Crystal Monitor?

It is easy.

  • 1) Download and install standard CrystalMonitor (for manuals see this page)
  • 2) Save script and make sure that it is runable (in terminal chmod 755 nastavitveniK). Then simple run it, by clicking on it in filebrowser or executing in terminal.
  • 3) Follow on-screen manuals
  • 4) When you got Congratulations message, you are done. Soo simple!

If something goes wrong you can always contact me.