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Amora - A mobile remote assistant


From project home page:

You got a cellphone with bluetooth and still need to manually control slides when making a presentation?

Don't worry anymore, Amora (A mobile remote assistant) implements control of mouse and most of keyboard shortcuts (ESC, ENTER, SPACE, arrow keys, etc) making easy this task. Not only that, but you can take screenshots of the active window in your current graphic session (i.e. see thumbnails of PC windows in your cellphone screen).

Currently, the client is implemented in Python for S60 (Nokia cellphones) /.../

It just works for me with my new, yes, Nokia 6120c smartphone...

So easy:

  • Open Konsole or any other favorite terminal application

$ su
# apt-get install amora-server // Only on Debian Lenny
# exit
$ wget http://amora.googlecode.com/files/amora-1.0-1.sis
$ exit

  • KBluetooth -> Send file -> amora-1.0-1.sis -> Send
  • Installation on phone start automatically when you open file in phone Inbox
  • Run amorad in your favorite terminal application or add it to Autostart applications
  • Pair phone and computer if you want to be secure (on phone Bluetooth -> go to tab Paired -> Options -> New paired device -> follow instructions on phone)
  • On phone go to Menu -> Applications -> My applications -> Amora -> Options ->Search devices -> Turn on Bluetooth (press Yes) -> select your computer BT name (Choose) -> select 16: Amora: assistant (press OK)
  • Options ->Start
  • Use joystick for moving mouse
  • ...

No more stupidly complicated anyremote, bluepad and LBRC.

If you need something for controlling presentations on Windows I suggest you .... hmmm


live CD. Joke.

On phone:

  • Menu -> Download! -> Nokia Extras ->Presenter -> follow instructions on phone